10 Things Anyone Who Grew Up in a Small Town Knows to be True


Growing up in a small town has formed me into the person I am today. More than that, it has allowed me to bond with others who can relate to the familiar culture of life in a small town. When I left my hometown to attend Eastern Washington University I found that my roommate and I were able to bond over commonalities of growing up in a small town.

As freshman in college who were both away from home for the first time in our life, the understanding we shared  helped us to bond throughout the year… and if nothing else it was nice to have someone to share a similar homesickness with. Here are the thing we found to be a part of small town culture that anyone who grew up in in one can relate to;

1.You know everyone and everyone knows you.

Which also means everyone is in your business and you’re in theirs too.

Pop art retro comic vector illustration. Woman whispering gossip or secret to her friend. Speech bubble.

2. No one gets away with anything.

Nothing helps keep teenagers out of trouble like knowing that nothing is a secret in a small town. Thinking about going to that bonfire up in the hills? Mom and Dad tell you, you weren’t allowed?  Planning on going anyways? You can bet on them finding out…before you even show up to the thing. Word travels fast in small towns.

3. You and all your friends consider driving around country roads (usually for no reason at all) a favorite pastime.


There is an unspoken understanding that almost any time you and your crew get together you will end up piled into someone’s car cursing around the on country roads, listing to your favorite playlists… for hours.

Let’s be honest… it’s not like there is much else to do!

4. Grocery shopping on Sunday after church can second as a block party, a class reunion, and a town meeting.

Quick! Get in and get out!

There is Mrs. Merriweather from down the road… look away, look away… that lady talks for hours.

5. Newcomers are referred to as “transplants” and are scorned by the locals.

Admit it, you know it’s true…

6. You’re not considered a “local” until your family has lived in town for 3 generations and you have a county road named after you.

You’re also related to half the county… and therefore everybody’s cousin.

7. If your parents aren’t farmers, your best friend’s parents probably are.


There’s no way you’re making it out of this town without a summer spent in the cab of a tractor.

8. You call your neighbors “aunt” or “grandma” even when they aren’t actually family.

More Christmas gifts for me!

9. You wonder if you’ll ever get out.

Do people ever leave?

10. Once people leave somehow they always make their way back.

There is something in the water.


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  1. I was born in a town of 3,000 residents – though immersed in a densely populated region – in Switzerland. I also spent many summers in a town of 2,000 in the middle of the mountains in Sardinia. I can testify that your list holds true across continents. Very relatable and funny read!

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