The Importance of Social Media

As I have explained before, I work part time as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Ellensburg Downtown Association. I will go on full time once I finish up my degree at Central.

Obviously, as my title states, I do a lot of the PR work for the EDA. Together my co-worker Molly and I handle essentially all of the organizations communications. A good amount of our efforts go into maintaining our social media accounts. We have an active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account. We are also in the process of creating a snapchat account.

Over the past two quarters our organization has partnered with Central Communication Agency to gain a little more information about just how important social media is to the success of a business or organization. CCA conducted multiple surveys of college students at Central to find out how important it is to them that businesses have some sort of online presence. The results showed that it is HUGELY important. I’ll be honest… I don’t remember the exact numbers but our results showed us that the vast majority of Central students expect businesses to have a website and at least a Facebook. If a business utilizes multiple social media platforms that’s EVEN BETTER!


As a part of my job working with the EDA I was asked to teach a class, with my co-worker Molly, at one of our NxLevel Entrepreneurial courses. During this class we discussed the importance of social media, and how to utilize it as a business.  One of the students in the class asked us “how does having a social media presence monetize?”

My co-worker answered by saying, “How does it not?” A huge part of maintaining a strong and healthy public image is having a well maintained online presence. If you’re not coming up in google searches and you don’t have a Facebook presence you may as well not exist. Sorry, but that’s the truth of the world we live in today.

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People are lazy, and information driven. Before visiting a new business they will almost ALWAYS look them up in google or on social media. They want to know as much about your business as they can before they go there. They want to know what to expect. If a potential customer goes to look up your business and you have no online presence, you could very likely lose that potential customer.

Additionally, having a poor, out dated, and unmaintained online presence is almost just as bad as not having one at all. Having a poor media can tell a consumer that you are a lazy business person, don’t take quality seriously, that you aren’t up to the “times” or….. they might think your business has CLOSED!

I guess the moral of what I am trying to say here is, if you want your business efforts to be successful, if you want to get feet in the door of your business, have a strong and quality social media presence!! It will absolutely monetize.  If social media frightens you, start with the basics. Facebook is easy to use, and has a very wide reach, start here.

That’s all for now.


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