Help the Next One in Line

In recent weeks I was asked to prepare an exit essay for my portfolio class. As I was writing the essay I did a lot of reflecting over my last two years here at Central in the Communication Department. Based on that reflection I would like to pass on my two cents to anyone who might care to know.

Help the Next One in Line,Always Stay Humble & Kind

Over all I feel like I gained a decent amount of knowledge during my education at Central. I have really honed in my professional writing skills, thanks to the Public Relations major can confidently draft press releases, feature articles, sports reports, blogs, company fact sheets, and more.

But what were the classes that REALLY helped me feel confident as I move into the professional world?

As far as the in class courses that I found most useful, there are three that stick out. COM 208 Introduction to Public Relations Writing taught by Emily DuPlessis; COM 470 Public Relations Strategies taught by Cesar Garcia; and  COM 306 Introduction to Transmedia taught by Francesco Somaini. I found that all three of these classes added a great amount of value to my education, and taught me things that I currently use in my job with the EDA as a Public Relations Coordinator. The work I produced in these three classes are some of the work that I am most proud of.

COM 208 taught me the basics of writing for public relations. It made me comfortable with drafting press releases and familiarized me with AP style. This class was hugely important for me as it helped me land my internship with the EDA.

COM 470 taught me how to create a strategic communication plan for an organization, and how to pitch the communication plan. This class really pushed me to think critically and apply things that I have learned throughout my time in the major. I absolutely loved COM 470, I would take it again if I could because I found the content to be so valuable.

Finally, in COM 306 I learned how to create a human interest or feature piece for an organization. In this class I learned how to shoot video, record sound, and edit both.

All that being said, I have to be honest. If I were to make any suggestions to my fellow students, it would be that they complete their internship before their senior year, and look for an internship with a small organization. I have learned SO MUCH MORE from my internship than I have learned in all my classes combined. Since I interned at a small organization I was able to get loads of hands on experience and I was even offered a job afterwards. YAY!

“Look for an internship with a small organization…I was able to get loads of hands on experience and I was even offered a job!”

Anyways, these are my take away after four long years of hard work, and I hope that these words might reach a new PR student somewhere and help them along their way.


That’s all for now.


Best, Faith.

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