This One’s For the Girls

I would like to start by saying that this blog is best paired with my Spotify “Anthem” playlist which is full of girl power anthems.

Music has always been a big part of my life . Like many individuals music is something that I love, it gives me strength, and elicits inspiration (but that is a story for a different blog).

Have you ever noticed how many great songs there are out there, designed to empower women? I love it! The other day “Sit Still, Look Pretty” came on the radio. I had heard this song many times before… but this time I found myself, blaring the music, taping the steering wheel, and singing along powerfully. In those moments, the lyrics of the song really resonated with me. After listening to it on repeat for the full duration of my 30 minute drive, I decided it was time to find more inspirational girl anthems, and thus became the inspiration for this blog (and Spotify playlist I hope you’re enjoying).

Growing up I was never one of the girly-girls. I think my mom must have told me “that’s not very lady like” 10 times a day. As a kid I spent the majority of my free time hanging out with my two male cousins on my grandparent’s acreage. We played with toy guns and monster trucks, we made mud pies, and we rode ATVs. As I got older, when we visited my grandparents I would have rather spent my time hanging out with the boys in grandpa’s shop, learning how to fix cars, than bake with grandma. I’ve never been the stereotypical girl. I like getting dirty, and I run with the boys.


I am thankful to live in an era where women have more freedom and respect than ever before. But if you ask me, we still have a long way to go. The glass ceiling is very real, and women are placed with unfair expectations and profiles.

In the song “Sit Still, Look Pretty” there are some powerful lyrics that perfectly relate to what I am talking about.

“Could dress up

To get love

But guess what?

I’m never gonna be that girl

Who’s living in a Barbie world.”

In these lyrics the artist, Daya, makes it clear that she is not going to glamorize herself to please her male counter parts. I love this! I have always been a “what you see, is what you get” kind of girl. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dressing nice, and putting time into my appearance. But I only enjoy doing those things on my terms, because the truth is, I feel most like myself in an old ratty pair of blue jeans, a t-shit and a baseball cap. Believe me, if I could wear that outfit to work every day, I probably would.


“You get off on your nine to five

Dream of picket fences and trophy wives

But no, I’m never gonna be ’cause I don’t wanna be

No, I don’t wanna sit still look pretty”

Here we see the artist talk about how she won’t settle for being the classic 1950’s trophy wife who is married to a man that is the sole bread winner, because she believes that she is more than just a pretty face. This theme is constant throughout the song, as Daya sends a message against gender roles.  It makes me so excited to hear a song like this, which is sending a positive message to women, on the top 40 radio.

I don’t mean to say that there is anything wrong with being a stay at home wife, and mom. However, I think it is important to teach girls, from a young age, that they can rule the world! They can be anything they want, and they don’t have to settle for anything less than their dreams, because they are female.


If you are looking for another great, female anthem I would suggest checking out “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face” by Shania Twain. In this song, Shania talks about how women are mother of the human race, and that they can take on any career that they set their mind to.

Personally, my favorite lines in the song are:

“She’s on the council, she’s on the board

She’s a politician, she praises the Lord

She’s not, just a pretty face

She’s got, everything it takes

She’s mother, of the human race

No, she’s not, just a pretty face”

The thing I love about this song is that it supports and encourages professional working women, but it also recognizes motherhood as a profound ability and achievement. WE ARE IN FACT mother to the human race! Shania recognizes that  women are capable of having any career they want, but that they can also bring life into the world, and that both are equally respectable.

I hope that you went and listened to these songs and found words of encouragement and empowerment, like I did. YOU GO GIRLS!

As always, thanks for reading.

– Faith




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