Here’s to Strong Women!

If you opened this blog post expecting me to talk about how one sex is superior to the other, I am sorry to report that you are about to be disappointed. On the contrary, if you are looking for some inspirational honest and real life debunking of gender roles, look no further.


I come from a long line of strong women. I was raised by a single mom, a woman who left the fathers of her children in order to give her kids a better life. I was raised by a women who didn’t have a man to rely on for the dirty jobs, so she wore both hats. Mom wasn’t a women who was afraid to break gender roles. She was a carpenter, a plumber, and a gardener. Mom also wants afraid to show her feminine side. She always took great pride in maintaining beautiful nails, and she wore her rings and bracelets proudly. In her younger days she was quite the fashionista, she loved to experiment with her wardrobes, and sometimes even created dresses and blouses of her own.


Anyone who knew my mom knew she was strong. Both physically and emotionally. For most of her adult life she didn’t have a man to lean on, and she was often too proud to ask for help, so she learned how to make do on her own. I always admired my mother’s willingness to be self-sufficient, and independent. I would like to think that is something she passed on to me.

My mom’s mother is not much different. While she spent 60 years of her life married to my grandpa, (until he lost his battle to cancer) she never let that make her weak. Sure, my grandma is a woman who puts a lot of effort into maintaining her femininity, but don’t let that fool you, she is as tough as nails! After all we are talking about the woman that would use her brother’s hunting tag, in order to help provide meat for the family.


I tend to think of myself as a rather strong, and independent woman. I have never been afraid to get dirty, or take on “a man’s job”. I have been changing oil since I was about 13 years old, and during the summers of my high school career I spent 12 -14 hour days working on a farm with one other girl, and about a dozen boys. Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I am not one of the girly girls. I am the first one to jump up to any task at hand. Since I have begun my life on the farm, I think I have amazed the George family, with my willingness to dive into ANY mess and learn. I am not always the best, at the farm tasks at hand, but I am always willing to learn.  I would like to think that I am the way I am because I take after two of the most inspiring hard ass women I know…my mom and grandma.


Every day I feel lucky to have been raised in a family where being female is empowering.

Here’s to Strong Women! May we know them… May we be them… May we raise them…



5 Guilty Pleasures that Prove I’m Still a Kid at Heart

  1. Taylor Swift

Today as I was making my evening commute home my Spotify stopped working (and I am too annoyed by ads to listen to the radio) so I resorted to playing music that I had downloaded on to my phone. I hit the shuffle all and T-Swift came over the speakers.

The next thing I know my volume is at 95% I’m dancing in my seat, and busting out all the lyrics to “Blank Space”. While many people may age would likely be embarrassed to admit this… I am totally willing to own it! I would never say that T-Swift is my favorite artist, but that girl knows how to write a catchy tune.

Truth be told, blaring T-Swift on my drive home tonight put me in the best mood I’ve seen in weeks.

  1. Boy Bands

Just like T-Swift, I think a lot of my peers would be self-conscious about being caught rocking out to the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Fall Out Boy, Fountains of Wayne, and Jesse McCartney. And I can totally understand that, because I would be too. But can we all just admit it? We love them!

If you’re ready to face your boy band guilty pleasure… check out this playlist. You’re welcome!

  1. The Lizzy McGuire Movie

Last year, prior to moving in with my boyfriend Ethan, I lived in a house with two other girls. One Sunday afternoon while I was at work I got a text asking if they could go through my movies and watch some of them. Naturally (like any good roommate would) I told them to go for it! Later that day I came home to the two of them sitting on the couch watching my copy of the Lizzy McGuire movie. This literally made my day! Even better part, just like me, they knew all the words to every song. At that moment I knew… these are my people.

  1. The Cinderella Story

Guess what movie we watched next… no explanation needed.

  1. The Lego Movie

The idea of a movie revolving around Legos seemed really weird and cheesy to me at first, but seriously, if you haven’t watched this movie… do yourself a favor and check it out. Not only is it hilarious, it has some wonderful adult humor, and actually sends a very good message to young adults as they enter the professional world.

As always thanks for reading.

Best, Faith

5 Hidden Treasures in Downtown Ellensburg I know You’ll Love

As summer approaches, days get longer, the kiddos are out of school, and there is more time for family outings. Next time you’re looking for an adventure downtown, I encourage you to check out these 5 little known treasures.

  1. Paint Your Own Pottery

Tucked away in the back of Hidden Treasures, you can find a pottery studio! Just like the studio chain, Color Me Mine, you can find a wide selection of pre-made ceramics waiting to be completed by your artistic brush strokes. Fun for the whole family, Hidden Treasures provides ceramics varying in both size and price point.


  1. Craft Works Design Studio

Now that your creative juices are flowing, be sure to visit Craft Works Design, located at the west end of the Reed Building. Craft Works specializes in bespoke invitations and etched glassware, but they also offer an array of other design services. These guys are open various hours, so I suggest you follow them on Facebook to find out more information about available hours, merchandise, services, and workshop dates. Happy crafting!

  1. Chartreuse Gifts

Once you have completed your crafting, make sure you stop by Chartreuse Gifts, located on 3rd Avenue across from the post office. Chartreuse Gifts is one of the most recent additions to downtown, and we are happy to have them! With a wide selection of inventory, this little gem is fun for the whole family. Here you can find anything from interactive toys for infants and puzzles for the older kids in your life, to swim gear, jewelry, and lotions.

  1. The Elks Building Grand Ballroom

Along with the summer months comes event season, and boy oh boy do I have the venue for you! If you or someone you know has an event coming up, I cannot recommend enough that they take a look at the beautiful Grand Ballroom located in the Historic Elks Building. With hardwood floors, and historic architecture this venue is full of charm.


  1. Friendship Park

If you and your loved ones are looking for a place to sit down and enjoy the fresh air, Friendship Park is just the place! Nestled between US Bank and the Liberty Theater, Friendship Park is a welcoming place to rest, take photos and learn about the story of Washoe the Chimpanzee.


We all have our favorite downtown spots, but the next time you’re here I encourage you to take some time to check out other hidden treasures in downtown Ellensburg that you may have not been to before.