Why Not Now?

The concept of time has been on my mind a lot lately.

We all have a limited amount of time on this earth. Some of us will get more than others. However, no one’s time is guaranteed. There is an epidemic among our society, a feeling of invincibility. A feeling that “there is always tomorrow”. But tomorrow isn’t really guaranteed to any of us.

Today I want to inspire you all to live like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Live like your time is limited, because it is. Instead of saying “there is always tomorrow” and “I’ll do that one day” it its time to start asking yourself the questions “why not now?” and “what am I doing TODAY to get me where I want to be tomorrow?”.

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I have always been the kind of person who gets caught in the “one day” trap. One day I would like to have a career I LOVE… One day I would like to raise dairy goats, and sell milk products… One day I would like to pay off my student loans… the list goes on and on.

About a month back I had a dear friend ask me, “what is your ultimate goal, what do you REALLY want to be doing in 5 years?” I gave her the easy answer, I said “I don’t know… I want to be married with kids and have a good job”. Um… talk about a BORING answer.

Being one of my very best friends, Sara called me on my bull**it, and said “No. That’s not the right answer”. And she was right, my answer was a cop out. Her poking and prodding me that day forced me to do some self reflection. It caused me to think about what I really want my life to look like.

Honestly, I think I always knew deep down what my dream future would look like, but I was to afraid to recognize it. I was afraid of the sacrifices I will have to make to get there, the judgement of others, the change, and most of all… I was afraid of failing.  

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Once I finally realized what I TRULY want out of life, what makes me excited, energized and joyful I decided it was time to start working towards that goal. I started asking myself daily “why not now?” and “what did I do today to get to where I want to be?” Each day I try to make small steps forward, by planting seeds. It has not been easy, and some parts have even been scary! But how does the saying go?… “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Since I have started asking myself these questions on a daily basis I have made changes in many aspects of my life. Most notably, I have started a new diet with my future SIL* Rachel, and in 3 weeks I have lost 15 lbs!!   *(No Ethan and I are not engaged, but… it will happen.)

I guess what I am try to say is… ask yourself “why not now?”  Take a risk, face your fears, make the jump and start taking steps TODAY to get closer to where you want to be. Don’t wait 5, 10, 15 years to do so, because no one’s time here is guaranteed.

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