5 Hidden Treasures in Downtown Ellensburg I know You’ll Love

As summer approaches, days get longer, the kiddos are out of school, and there is more time for family outings. Next time you’re looking for an adventure downtown, I encourage you to check out these 5 little known treasures.

  1. Paint Your Own Pottery

Tucked away in the back of Hidden Treasures, you can find a pottery studio! Just like the studio chain, Color Me Mine, you can find a wide selection of pre-made ceramics waiting to be completed by your artistic brush strokes. Fun for the whole family, Hidden Treasures provides ceramics varying in both size and price point.


  1. Craft Works Design Studio

Now that your creative juices are flowing, be sure to visit Craft Works Design, located at the west end of the Reed Building. Craft Works specializes in bespoke invitations and etched glassware, but they also offer an array of other design services. These guys are open various hours, so I suggest you follow them on Facebook to find out more information about available hours, merchandise, services, and workshop dates. Happy crafting!

  1. Chartreuse Gifts

Once you have completed your crafting, make sure you stop by Chartreuse Gifts, located on 3rd Avenue across from the post office. Chartreuse Gifts is one of the most recent additions to downtown, and we are happy to have them! With a wide selection of inventory, this little gem is fun for the whole family. Here you can find anything from interactive toys for infants and puzzles for the older kids in your life, to swim gear, jewelry, and lotions.

  1. The Elks Building Grand Ballroom

Along with the summer months comes event season, and boy oh boy do I have the venue for you! If you or someone you know has an event coming up, I cannot recommend enough that they take a look at the beautiful Grand Ballroom located in the Historic Elks Building. With hardwood floors, and historic architecture this venue is full of charm.


  1. Friendship Park

If you and your loved ones are looking for a place to sit down and enjoy the fresh air, Friendship Park is just the place! Nestled between US Bank and the Liberty Theater, Friendship Park is a welcoming place to rest, take photos and learn about the story of Washoe the Chimpanzee.


We all have our favorite downtown spots, but the next time you’re here I encourage you to take some time to check out other hidden treasures in downtown Ellensburg that you may have not been to before.

Hometown & Downtown Love

There are so many things that I love about Ellensburg: the rich culture, the strong community, and the deep rooted history, are all things that make me feel blessed to call this town my home.


I love the unique and diverse culture of this town. Not only are we known for our agriculture but also for our arts. We are a county that is world renowned for its Timothy Hay production, and a place that draws people from around the country to study music at Central Washington University.


I value the strong sense of community you can find here in the Kittitas County that sense of community is probably what brought me back after spending just two short (but what felt like VERY LONG) years away. Ellensburg is a town where you know your neighbors, your pharmacist, and your butcher on a personal level. It is a place where you can’t spend an afternoon doing errands without running into 10 people you know. I would be lying if I said that there aren’t  days when I enter the grocery store at a speed walk and  keep my head down to try to avoid the chitchat… BUT I have to admit…there is a sense of charm that comes along with the camaraderie, and I love it!


As you can probably tell, the town of Ellensburg and the community that lives here is something I am greatly passionate about, so it is fitting that I work for an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving its greatness. If you follow my blog then you have probably heard me talk about my degree in Public Relations and the fact that I work for the Ellensburg Downtown Association (EDA).

The EDA is a non-profit which promotes, preserves, and revitalizes Ellensburg’s Historic Downtown District. We do a wide variety of work, we plan and hold events, teach business development classes, provide guidance to new and existing business owners and much more. I like to think of us as the downtown cheer team (a really hard working and smart, driven, business minded cheer team).

I love my job with the EDA and I feel blessed to be giving back to a community I love through events like Moments to Remember, Buskers in the Burg, Girls Night Out, and many other projects I have been a part of during my time at the EDA.

If you have made your way to downtown Ellensburg these past few weeks you may have noticed that spring is in full bloom. The farmers market has begun, our streets are filled with fresh plant growth, and storefronts are filled with bright colors as merchants begin to bring in new spring merchandise.


Now that spring has officially arrived, the Ellensburg Downtown Association, Ellensburg Floral, and dedicated volunteers will be working on planting flowers in the downtown planters. Planters are a wonderful way to liven up our downtown and keep it looking beautiful during the spring and summer months.

All of the pedestrian amenities such as the trash receptacles, benches, and planters, that help make our downtown really stand out, are brought to you by the Ellensburg Downtown Association in partnership with the City of Ellensburg, JDub’s and sponsors. Which brings me to my next point… all of the downtown pedestrian amenities are available for sponsorship. If you or someone you know may be interested in sponsoring a downtown planter, bike rack, or bench please don’t hesitate to contact me!

As always thanks for reading.

Best, Faith

Why Every Girl Should Consider Dating a Farmer: According To Me

In my short 22 years of life I have dated more than a few fellas. However, among all these guys there is one who has far surpassed the rest. He his kind, humble, hard-working, patient, and incredibly intelligent. He shares my love for animals, open spaces, and family. He is a son of 4th generation farmer and he is the man of my dreams.

Here are some of the reasons why every girl should consider dating a farmer. I realize that all people are different and in no way do I intend to stereotype.  However, I would like to think that the areas I will be touching on are common enough that many will find them something they can relate to.

  1. He understands your love for living things (and even enables it).

Like most women I am obsessed with animals… especially furry and cute ones. A great thing about dating a farmer is that rather than gawking at your weird obsession, he appreciates your fascination with animals, and even enables it. In my case dating a farmer means an unlimited access to cute furry things. I’m talking about horse, pony, cow, calf, puppy and kid (the proper name for a baby goat) galore!


  1. Every day by his side is a new adventure.

I will be honest, dating a farmer is not for the faint of heart. He works long hours, his job is messy, he tracks dirt through the house, and dates usually involved joining him at work. However, every moment with him brings excitement.

Maybe its loading into the pick-up truck and running into town to grab a piece of equipment for a tractor that broke down. It could be saddling up the horses unexpectedly, in order to round up cows that are out.

Whether its aiding a momma cow or goat in the birth of her new babe, or doctoring a sick calf… one thing is for certain… you can count on finding thrill in the uncertainty that is his life.


  1. He values and understands the importance in family.

In almost all cases a man who works as a farmer, works on a family farm where his dad and granddad have worked before him. He realizes and appreciates that if it were not for the hard work of family members who came before him he would not be where he is at today. He carries his family name with pride, respects his elders, and he works tirelessly to carry on his family’s legacy.


  1. He is hard working.

There are few things sexier than a man who doesn’t scowl in the face of hard work.

  1. He is a man of many trades.

He is the real life prince charming to our damsel in destress.

Farmers are small business owners; they typically do not have the resources to hire a team of skilled laborers to address each type of issue that may surface. So instead they learn to do it themselves.  He is an accountant, an architect, an engineer, a mechanic, a vet, a rancher, and a farmer. He is a Jack of all trades.


  1. He is patient.

Farming is not a business of immediate return, quite the opposite really.

Crops take months to grow before they are ready to harvest. The land must be prepared for planting, the seeding must germinate.

The gestation period also takes time. Anywhere from 150 – 283 days depending on the animal. Even after livestock are born they are not an immediate revenue source, but rather an expense and a liability.

Due to the very nature of his lifestyle, a farmer will likely be a man of great patience.

  1. Commitment doesn’t scare him.

By far one of the greatest parts of dating a man who comes from a farming background, he isn’t afraid of commitment.

Chances are, if you find yourself dating this kind of a man, it will become apparent that he has dreams of finding someone to spend the rest of his life with. This is the kind of man who settles down and builds a family.

Assuming you want the same things, there is something reassuring about dating a man who openly talks about his desires to marry and build a family.


10 Things Anyone Who Grew Up in a Small Town Knows to be True


Growing up in a small town has formed me into the person I am today. More than that it has also allowed me to bond with others, who can relate to the familiar culture of life in a small town. When I left my hometown to attend Eastern Washington University I found that my roommate and I were able to bond over commonalities of growing up in a small town. There were many nights in the weeks of late September that we would stay up late…until the wee hours of the morning reminiscing about our childhood…sharing cookie dough that we threw back and forth  between the bunks in our dorm room.

As freshman, both away from home for the first time in our life, I think that the understanding we shared of each others backgrounds helped us to bond throughout the year… and if nothing else it was nice to have someone to share homesickness with. Here are the thing we found to be a part of small town culture that anyone who grew up in in one can relate to;

1.You know everyone and everyone knows you.

Which also means everyone in your business and you’re in theirs too.

Pop art retro comic vector illustration. Woman whispering gossip or secret to her friend. Speech bubble.

2. No one gets away with anything without the whole town knowing about it.

Nothing helps keep teenagers out of trouble like knowing that nothing is a secret in a small town. Thinking about going to that bonfire up in the hills? Mom and Dad tell you, you weren’t allowed?

Chances are pretty good they are going to find out you went…before you even show up to the thing. Word travels fast in small towns.

3. You and all your friends consider driving around country roads (usually for no reason at all) a favorite pastime.


There is an unspoken understanding that almost any time you and your group hang out you would end up piled into someone’s car cursing around the on country roads, listing to your favorite playlists, for hours.

Let’s be honest… it’s not like there is much else to do!

4. Grocery shopping on Sunday after church can second as a block party, a class reunion and a town meeting.

Quick! Get in and get out!

“Oh hi Pastor, sorry I didn’t make it to church this morning, my dog died”… for the eighteenth time this year.

Shoot, there is Mrs. Merriweather from down the road… look busy, look busy… that lady talks for hours.

5. Newcomers are referred to as “transplants” and are scorned by the “locals”.

Admit it. You know it’s true…

6. You’re not considered a “local” until your family has lived in town for 3 generations and you have a county road named after you.

And you’re everybody’s cousin.

7. If your parents aren’t farmers, your best friend’s parents probably are.


There’s no way you’re making it out of this town without a summer spent in the cab of a tractor.

8. You call your neighbors “aunt” or “grandma” even when they aren’t actually family.

More Christmas gifts for me!

9. You wonder if you’ll ever get out.

Do people ever leave?

10. Once people leave somehow they always make their way back.

There is something in the water.

Growing up where I did shaped me into the person I am today. It caused me to value a slower pace of life. That being said, growing up everyone knew that I was going to be the first one to skip town after graduation. Funny part is, I didn’t last two years away from my hometown. I am now back there, and if there is one thing I know… I am never leaving again.